Pillow Protectors

Sleep Dry® Pillow Protector

      Made from the same cotton based fabric as the Harmony mattresses to match look and performance.

      • Moisture is quickly transported away from the head and face to help regulate temperature
      • Protects pillow from moisture damage under normal use
      • Soft and breathable cotton sleep surface
      • Fabric made in Germany
      • Cover finished in Italy by Dorsal
      • 50cm x 70cm approximately
      • $50 per pillow protector

            Tencel® High-Stretch Pillow Protector

                Made with 100% Tencel® terry sleep surface.

                • High stretch with elastane allows protector to conform to your face and head's contours
                • Enhances the point-elasticity of your new pillow - pillow feels softer than with any other protector
                • Tencel® derived from natural Eucalyptus fibre provides protection from dust mites, bacteria and unpleasant odours
                •  Tencel® quickly absorbs moisture to creates a pleasantly dry and healthy sleeping environment
                • Made in Germany
                • 50cm x 70cm
                • $90 pair pillow protectors (set of two)

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