Bed Science

Sleep Well has studied the science of what makes the ideal sleep environment and how this environment affects each stage of sleep.


Three key factors of the sleep environment

1. Balance of comfort (reduced pressure points) and support (correct spinal alignment) in the supporting structures of the bedding system (base, mattress and pillow).

2. Temperature and humidity regulation - allowing the body's core to cool and warm in each stage of the sleep cycle.

3. Hygienic environment free from toxic components and allergens. When the sleep environment is free from toxic components and allergens, the body is better able to rest, helping it to reach stages 4 (Deep non-REM) and 5 (REM) of the sleep cycle more easily and stay there longer.

These three factors must all be correctly met and work in harmony in order to maximise the sleep potential for stages four and five and for the sleep to be truly beneficial.

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To achieve the ideal sleep environment, Sleep Well developed the Intelligent Bedding System called RESPRIA-X.

RESPIRA-X = Base + Mattress + Pillow

Each of the three components of RESPIRA-X have been designed to help you to reach stages 4 and 5 as quickly as possible and help to extend the time you spend in these two stages. Because even a small increase each night in stages 4 and 5 can have a profound affect on your well-being the next day.


  1. Bed Base - X-Point 400
  2. Zefiro Mattress -natural foam mattress that breathes
  3. Mousse Pillow -  natural foam pillow