RESPIRA-X ...Next Level Sleep

RESPIRA-X combines the exceptional breathability and comfort of the ZEFIRO mattress with the adaptability and conformity of X-POINT base for a whole new level of control and support.

A drier bed is a healthier bed

A bedding environment that stays dry will keep a more even temperature and provide the best conditions for high-quality sleep throughout the year.

Each component of the RESPIRA-X bedding system promotes better air circulation giving a dryer sleep environment to promote a deeper, less disturbed sleep.

Awake refreshed and revived.

RESPIRA-X Components


ZEFIRO Mattress

MOUSSE Pillows



    Next-Level Adaptability
    • Exceptional support for back and lumbar zones
    • Unmatched conformity and comfort to the shoulders and hip regions
    • Fully adaptable to personalise the feel and support for each individual

    Unrestricted air movement around the mattress

    • Keeps mattress and bedding dry by allowing a better air exchange within the bedding environment
    • Assists temperature regulation
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        ZEFIRO Mattress


        A Better Mattress - Naturally

        • Made from natural plant oils including Sunflower, Canola and Soya Bean, Zefiro is naturally healthier, more breathable, extremely durable and resilient
        • Tubes® technology brings a new level of comfort and support in a wonderfully dry, hygienic and natural sleep environment
        • Tubes® draw in fresh dry air and expel warm humid air with each movement of the body

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          MOUSSE Pillow

          Mousse open-celled design

          • Very breathable to keep head a pleasant temperature all year round
          • Soft and quick to adapt - yet remains supportive night after night

          Better pillow - naturally

          • Made from natural plant oils and water
          • Feels like memory foam - but without the heat and smell

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          RESPIRA-X Next Level Sleep

            With sustainable plant-based materials throughout, comfort and support have never been so natural.

            Medium/Soft to Medium/Firm depending on the settings and configuration of the bed base.

            Add a breathable 5cm soft Mousse topper in Sleep Dry fabric for a truly plush feel.

            • Queen $8212 now $7785
            • King $8965 now $8575
            • Super King $9675 now $9285
            • Prices are subject to minor change and will be confirmed upon enquiry

            RESPIRA-X system includes X-Point base, Zefiro mattress and a free pair of Mousse pillows.



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