X-Point Base

As vital to your sleep as your mattress

X-Point base is possibly the world's most versatile and adaptable support system.

"The X-Point base enhances all that your mattress has been carefully engineered to do, ...and more! Built to last, the X-Point base can be configured and adapted to meet your body's changing needs for many years to come."

The X-Point base is a hybrid blend of traditional slats popular throughout Europe and Dorsal's advanced three-dimensional elements for superior body conformity

    • Versatile and adjustable to provide you with optimal level of comfort and support - no matter your body type
    • 7+ Zones. The MultiPoint three-dimensional elements have different firmness grades to accommodate head, shoulder, lumbar, pelvis, upper leg, calf and feet areas
    • Adaptable. MulitPoint elements can be easily reconfigured to change the order of the zones - firmer or softer under the shoulders, hips or knees, the base adapts to your unique body's profile and changing physiological needs
    • Designed to work with the Respira-X bedding system
    • Long-life materials ensure the X-Point base will last many years
    • Anatomical base in 60x30mm FSC® certified laminated beech - minimal yet robust

    Each base is comprised of two individual units placed side by side. This prevents roll-together and minimises partner disturbance for better sleep.

    Also available as part of the RESPIRA-X bedding system.

    • Queen $2990
    • King $3180
    • Super King $3290
        • Prices subject to minor change and will be confirmed upon enquiry

        Optional 2 motor and 4 motor X-Point available. POA beech beach wood

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