What People are Saying About Sleep Well

When we were in the market for a new bed, I remembered the bed we had slept in, in France at a friends place. I had the best sleep of my life in that bed. I got details from my friend and started researching in New Zealand. Not too far away, we found Sleep Well Solutions. They were so helpful in setting us on the right path, with the density of the mattresses, the positioning of the slats, and the type of sheets and pillows.
It took a few days to get used to the bed, but now I sleep very well indeed, and best of all, my husband snores far less than he used to. I don’t know what to ascribe that to, but it’s probably due to better positioning of his body during sleep.
I highly recommend Sleep Well, and can say that they have followed through on whatever questions we have had.
Jenni - Matakana


I wanted to let you know that I am absolutely loving my new bed setup. I am sleeping incredibly well. In fact I continue to be surprised by the difference in how well I’m sleeping. With my old bed I would get up to go to the bathroom several times a night. Now I realise I wasn’t waking up to go to the bathroom — I was just waking up — and then thought I needed the bathroom.

After staying up all night to watch New Zealand play England at cricket I went to bed at 8.30 the following night. I slept right through until 6.30 the next morning without getting up once. I can’t even remember the last time that happened — I was probably a child!

I’ve been trying to decide whether it’s my fabulous new bed, the Talalay pillows or the wool duvet that’s causing this sleeping transformation. I’ve decided it’s the combination of all of them — plus the addition of a linen duvet cover that I bought at your suggestion. I actually look forward to going to bed now. I lie there fully engaged in the sense that I‘m enveloped in absolute luxury and feeling immense gratitude. A lovely way to drop off to sleep.

Thank you, Sleep Well for your care and going the extra mile to help me get a bed that suits my needs. 

Stephanie - Raglan


With a young family on the way, quality of sleep was going to be paramount. We were tired of battling to fall, and remain, asleep. We often awoke either tired, with a sore back, or both. We purchased a flexi-slat base with a Paradise latex mattress, and matching Vitalay latex pillows. Sleep is now a joy, my husband's back has improved, and we wake refreshed. Thank you Sleep Well.

Logan & Rachel - Auckland


I was getting shoulder and neck pain, my husband was waking during the night because he was hot and after spending a fortune on the chiropractor something had to change. We also had the frustrating ‘big dips’ on each side of our existing pillow top bed. Sleep Well helped us choose a latex mattress, upgrade our linen, and find suitable pillows and wool duvets. The products sourced for us have really changed our bedding environment. It is dry and pleasant in summer and so warm and toasty in winter. The improvement to our sleep has been quite amazing and have since bought Tencel underlays for the children’s beds. Sleep Well really know their ‘stuff’ in all areas of sleep and their advice and help has been a big game changer. Thank you!

Liz & Family - Tauranga


Sleep Well has provided us with a bed that breathes and provides a good night's sleep. As Dan suffers with hyperhidrosis, this bed solution has made a noticeable difference to how well we both sleep. No more waking in the night to a drenched bed! Sleep Well also provided anti bacterial linen solutions that allow us to have a healthier sleep. Thank you Sleep Well.

Dan & Jo - Auckland


Six years ago I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) and temporal arteritis and I had a ghastly time with terrible muscle and joint pain. With Sleep Well’s help we replaced my old duvet with a light weight natural fibre duvet and Tencel Clima underlay and found that my condition was more regulated and the painful episodes seemed to pass more quickly. By sleeping better I also seemed to have a faster recovery time.

Rosemary - Tauranga


My husband's back pain has improved greatly and it's been fantastic to be able to adjust the slats to suit at various stages of my pregnancy. Super comfy!
Our daughter also suffers with eczema and having the Tencel duvet has definitely helped to control it.

Theo and Cherie - Christchurch


Although still new, our NZ bed had lost it's support and was causing my wife and me to have shoulder issues. With Sleep Well's assistance we purchased a new bed with the motorised base. We love our new bed, it has reduced all the pressure points and relieved us of much pain. Now we actually look forward to the evenings and going to bed. What it is and to be able to sit up and read, have cups of tea without having to organise all the pillows, and it's great to be able to have the motorised adjustments at the touch of a button. Sleep Well guided us through the process and we are truly grateful for all their help. 

Peter - Tauranga


My “old” bed was indeed old! I bought it on my student loan when I was at teachers college (over 20 years ago!) so I definitely needed a new one. But the thought of going into a bed store or a furniture store and trying to choose the right bed for me was totally overwhelming… so I kept putting it off. All that jargon and sales talk… I wanted someone who would listen to my needs and tailor make a solution for me… and I found Sleep Well Solutions. And thank goodness I did! Now my “old” bed has a new life where it was desperately needed (Tonga!) and I have a new bed and a much better quality of sleep.

Working with Sleep Well to find the best solution for me was brilliant. They listened and asked lots of questions to make sure they understood my needs and what I was looking for. I now have a beautiful Italian Vitalay mattress with an extra underlay, a Vitalay contoured pillow and a set of interchangeable wool duvet inners – BLISS!

Since purchasing the bedding solution, the after sales service from Sleep Well has been amazing. They have been in contact with me to find out how my new bed and sleep has been going and have made suggestions to further tailor the bedding for me. They are so knowledgeable about their products and their benefits.

It has really been an easy process for me to make the upgrade to my bed that was long overdue.

Julie - Auckland


We have been using Sleep Well products for a while and they have changed our sleeping patterns dramatically.  For Esther the low allergen bedding has meant no more annoyance by dust mites which has improved sleep. 

The pillows have made a big difference to our necks and for my sister and her husband who also bought a pillow, it stopped their snoring.

Now we have the slatted bed base and that's made a big improvement in the moisture levels, the bed is not damp now and it's comfortable with a latex topper.  

We have been very impressed with the service we received from Sleep Well - they were most knowledgeable and gave great advice for which we are very grateful.

Esther & Ray - Tauranga


Our old beds were just that, ‘old’, and so we were in the market for a new bed.  I had come across Dorsal beds when living in Australia as a friend recommended them.  I searched in New Zealand and found that Sleep Well were retailing them here.

Sleep Well were extremely helpful from the start of the research process to the end of the sales process.  Sleep Well went out of their way at all times to make sure that we were happy with the product and did all possible to make sure we were given the best opportunities to ensure this investment was the correct one.  They are not the cheapest beds but neither are they the most expensive, but I'm pretty sure that they are the best!  I have slept on a great many beds in my life especially of late after traveling for a year, and when I fall asleep on my BodyCare+ mattress on the Dorsal base and the Talalay pillow with jersey knit sheets and wool duvet, the night goes very quickly and I don't know about much else except sweet dreams until I wake up feeling very rested in the morning.

We have two single beds that are conjoined and both are XPoint bases.  One of our beds is motorised.  I wasn’t sure whether this was a good idea as we tend to sleep and then get up, but if you like to read in bed or at times sit in bed with a cup of tea, the fact that the mattress can be raised up at your back is very helpful. It also lifts at your feet if you want.

Sleep Well exceeded our expectations with respect to service.  They responded to emails immediately, at all times.  Sleep Well brings the bed to you and sets it all up. This is a real plus!  Through no fault of Sleep Well’s they needed to follow up on an issue with our mattresses.  They didn’t need to do this but due to their high ethical standards, they made sure the problem was solved without any need to bother us.

Thanks for helping to keep our bodies supple and relaxed :)

Ailsa & Bruce - Thames