Why Sleep Well?


Good quality sleep is critical to your well-being

  • Sleep is the critical time when the human body regenerates brain and tissue cells and various hormones are released that are necessary for growth, cell replenishment and healing.
  • Science has firmly established the link between good sleep quality and reaching your full potential.
  • The human sleep cycle can be divided into five distinct phases with all five stages playing a different role in the support of your body's wellbeing.
  • Medical research reveals that Stage 4 (deep non-REM) and Stage 5 (REM) are most vital to the body’s rejuvenation and restoration.
  • If these two cycles are compromised or interrupted in any way, then the body cannot function optimally during the day.
  • This means that you may feel as though you are getting a satisfactory sleep through the night, ...but you may not be achieving your sleep's true potential.
  • Studies have shown that an increase of just 5-10% of sleep in Stages 4 and 5 is enough to make a profound improvement to how we function the following day.


The Five Stages of the Sleep Cycle

This diagram shows the five stages the make up one single sleep cycle.


      Most of us experience these five stages in a repetitive manor, and we may experience four or five cycles in a normal night of sleep.

      In the first two or three cycles of our sleep, Stage 3 is the most prominent stage. This is the stage that helps us all feel rejuvenated and refreshed the next day. It is also when a number of key hormones are released that help our body to grow healthily.


      Our body core needs to be able to cool

      To get to Stage 3 and to remain there, our body must cool 1-2 degrees. If it doesn't, we go back into light sleep and never get fully refreshed.


      Stages 4 and 5 are where good things happen

      However it is Stages 4 and 5 that are really critical to our body maintaining its health and well being.

      • It is in these two stages that our brain tissue is restored and maintained
      • It is when hormones are released that restore our internal organs, keep our skin healthy and youthful and help our metabolism
      • It is in these two critical stages that our body needs to be comfortable and yet correctly supported
      • To reach stage 4 and 5, our body core's temperature must be able to cool by up 1-2 degrees Celsius

      Our brain uses body core temperature as the key signal for when to allow deep sleep and when to wake up. It is only when our core is able to cool that we transition into the deeper stages of sleep.

      It is vital that our body is able to cool and warm naturally so that it progresses through all Five Stages of sleep. Therefore we should choose a bedding system that provides us with the best sleep environment to do this.


      Deep and restorative sleep needs a bedding system that creates the perfect bedding environment

        There are three key factors in the bedding environment that need to be met to ensure the ideal conditions are maintained for sleeping well.

        These are:

        1. Optimum comfort and correct support
        2. Humidity and temperature regulation
        3. Protection from allergens and toxic materials

        Sleep Well - Intelligent Bedding System addresses six key areas to give the best possible sleep and maximise the time potentially sleeping in Stages 4 and 5.


        1 Responsive Bed Bases

        • Latest European technology Slat Base with 3-Dimensional Elements
        • Adjustable, adaptable, dynamic and highly conforming
        • Our German engineered and Italian crafted bases are some of the most advanced in the world and allow deeper comfort, superior support and unrestricted air circulation


          2 Natural Foam Mattresses

          • Non-toxic foams derived from natural plant oils and water
          • All-European design and materials
          • Italian styling and craftsmanship
          • Long lasting, pressure relieving, uplifting, supportive, breathable, hypoallergenic and temperature regulating
          • Tencel high-stretch fabric cover
          • 7 anatomical zones for ultimate utmost comfort and unparalleled support
          • Unmatched breathability and temperature regulation
          • Anti-dust mites, mould, bacteria and other allergens - provides you with a naturally hygienic and healthy sleep environment
          • Unbeatable durability
          • Deeper sleep for unparalleled restoration


            3 Natural Foam Pillows

            • Hypoallergenic, open-celled breathable and naturally derived materials
            • Conforming, relaxing, plush and supportive
            • Anti-dust mites, resists mould, bacteria and other allergens - providing you with a naturally hygienic and healthy sleep environment
            • Computer cut, not molded for superior accuracy, breathability and durability
            • Non-toxic plant-based foam


              4 Mattresses Protectors

              • Protectors to enhance and protect your mattress
              • Breathable, temperature regulating, hygienic, protection
              • Four-way stretch, for superior point elasticity


                5 Jersey Knit Stretch Fitted Sheets

                • Jersey knit sheets with elastane for outstanding stretch to eliminate pressure points enhance the comfort and breathability of your new mattress
                •  Luxury sateen cotton top sheets with natural breathability and a smooth sheen


                  6 Premium Natural Fibre Duvets

                  • New Zealand natural wool filled duvets
                  • Moisture and temperature regulating
                  • Hypoallergenic, anti dust mite, warm, light and breathable


                  Intelligent Bedding System at Work

                  • If the bedding environment becomes too hot or too humid, the body consumes energy maintaining the optimal temperature for each phase of the sleep
                  • As the body enters stages 4 and 5, it naturally cools at the core
                  • If it cannot cool, or if it becomes too warm during this phase, then the body will naturally begin the waking process
                  • During the course of a night, the human body can loose between 250ml and 500ml of water vapour in the form of sweat
                  • It is vitally important that the insulation in your bedding environment is able to wick or transport this vapour away from the body before it condenses as a damp layer on the skin


                  • Natural fibres such as wool, have the ability to absorb, store and evaporate this vapour away, while at the same time insulating the body, keeping it at the optimal sleeping temperature
                  • Natural wool not only draws moisture, but also due to its complex molecular design, aggressively absorbs vapour and pulls it into the inner layers within each fibre
                  • This gives the wool the ability to absorb up to 30% of its weight in water while still feeling dry on the outside
                  • Once the fibre encounters a little warmth the water evaporates outside of the bedding environment. This ensures a well regulated bedding environment to provide you with a healthy sleep

                  See RESPIRA-X bedding system - the perfect solution to sleeping well

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