Zefiro - The Natural Foam Mattress That Breathes

Medium feel*

Zefiro mattress with award-winning Tubes® technology brings a new level of comfort and support in the driest and most natural sleep environment possible.



A drier bed is a healthier bed

A bedding environment that stays dry will keep a more even temperature and provide the best conditions for high-quality sleep throughout the year.

Because Zefiro mattress breathes, it remains dry and fresh. Dust mites, mold and other allergens cannot get established.

The body's immune system is better able to rest and be restored in a healthy and hygienic environment.


A Better Mattress - Naturally

Made from natural plant oils including Sunflower, Canola and Soya Bean, Zefiro is naturally healthier, more breathable, extremely durable and resilient


Natural Foam Comfort Layers

Mousse and Natur Memory -  feels like memory foam but without the heat and smell.

Zefiro's natural foam comfort layers provide progressive softness while conforming to your body's unique shape.

Mousse (green) is a soft and fast-acting memory foam to gently ease contact-pressure for wrists, knees and ankles.

Natur Memory (grey) is a medium density natural memory foam to provide perfect body conformity for shoulders and hips while supporting the lumbar region.

Both foams are non-toxic, breathable and open-celled and derived from natural plant oils.


Patented Tubes® Technology

The human body is very sensitive to humidity and temperature changes while sleeping.

Thanks to patented award-winning Tubes® aeration system, Zefiro breathes like no other foam mattress.


The Tubes® draw dry, fresh air into the mattress with every movement of the body.

Warm, humid air is expelled through lateral air channels and breathable base layer, keeping the mattress dry and healthy.

Bedding environment stays at the optimal temperature for deep and restorative sleep all year round.

The drier your sleep environment, the deeper and more revitalising your sleep.

Tubes® non-toxic, derived from Sunflower oil and water.


Naturally Durable Base Layer

High Resilience foam derived from natural Sunflower oil.

Non-toxic, breathable, durable and open-celled.

Built to last providing a very long service life.


7 Body Zones

7 body zones provide ergonomic support to all areas of the body.

Firmer in the lumbar zone, medium and accommodating for the hip region and soft in the shoulder zone -  your body is perfectly supported to keep the spine and neck straight while sleeping in any position.

Tubes® provide exceptional support without sagging and are extremely durable.


Tencel® Cover with Bi-Elastic Stretch

Made from FSC® Eucalyptus fibre, the Tencel® cover helps regulate temperature and is hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

Tencel® breathes freely and quickly draws moisture away from your body to keep you feeling dry and maintain the ideal sleep environment.

The bi-elastic fabric stretches in all directions offering superior point-elasticity and conformity.

High stretch allows shoulders and hips to be absorbed by the comfort layers, while the lumbar and head/neck zones continue to provide uplifting support.


Award-Winning Tubes® Technology


INTERZUM AWARD - The Zefiro Tubes® technology won the Interzum Award at Interzum Cologne 2007 for “Intelligent Material and Design”.

INSTITUTO HOHENSTEIN - Specific tests for heat dissipation and breathing capability have been performed on Tubes® at the Hohenstein institute in Germany. Tests proved Tubes® to be very effective and be beneficial to the sleep environment.

E GUT TEST - Zefiro has also won the 2008 E Gut Test prize, a German consumers’ association award for high-quality and long-lasting products.

LGA - All quality processes on material used to produce foam are monitored by LGA, a German certification institute. Passing this quality test is proof of the long duration of foam.


Zefiro Breathable Mattress

      Medium/Soft to Medium/Firm depending on the settings and configuration of the bed base.

      Mattress height approximately 24cm including cover.

      Add a breathable 5cm soft Mousse topper in Sleep Dry fabric for a truly plush feel.

      • Queen $4795
      • King $5395
      • Super King $5995

      • Prices are subject to minor change and will be confirmed upon enquiry
      • Price is for Zefiro mattress on its own.

      Available as part of the RESPIRA and RESPIRA-X Bedding Systems

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