Benefits of Vitalay®

Sleep Well Harmony mattresses and Harmony pillows are made from Vitalay® Talalay latex.



      Vita Talalay (Vitalay®) is one of the most breathable, most supportive and most comfortable bedding materials in the world. That's a big claim. Read on to find out more.


      • Vitalay® adapts itself automatically to the body's individual contours providing instant comfort.
      • The round, open cell structure of Vitalay® is resilient and provides perfect support and incredible softness while allowing optimal ventilation.
      • This prevents Dust Mites, mould and bacteria and other allergens from getting established, giving you a naturally hygienic and healthy sleep environment.

      Did you know that more than 60% of the adult human body is made of water, and that we loose up to 500ml each night though perspiration? Vitalay® latex allows moisture vapour to pass freely through the mattress core without forming condensation and dampness. A dryer mattress means a deeper and more restorative sleep.

      • Vitalay® ventilation ensures effective moisture and body core temperature control.
      • This helps you to naturally sleep better, healthier and more hygienically.



      Vitalay® superior point elasticity is also created by the round, open cell structure. The superior point elasticity allows the material to adapt fully to your body.

      This provides optimal support that relieves your body’s pressure points and prevents pain in bones, joints and muscles. At the same time, Vitalay® feels amazingly elastic and soft. Vitalay® combines perfect support with optimal softness.



      The unique Talalay process technology was invented by Joseph Talalay in 1935. This process created an entirely new type of latex featuring an open, round cell structure that remains fully breatheable even under compression. 



      The most important natural resource used in Vitalay® is natural rubber, drawn out of the Hevea brasiliensis, a rubber tree that grows in Southeast Asia. Talalay latex is still considered one of the most ecologically sustainable foams available.





      Vitalay® is used in the Sleep Well HARMONY mattresses and pillows and involves a complicated production process, a large part of which is performed by hand. It takes no fewer than nine steps to create the superior quality end product.

      These steps include mixing, filling, creating a vacuum, freezing, solidifying, vulcanising, washing, drying, post-vulcanisation, and finally, the finishing. Normal latex requires a much simpler process, and in terms of its properties, cannot be compared with the Vitalay® comfort material. This complex technique requires skill and craftsmanship, and is the secret behind Vitalay®.



      Excessive heat during sleep is the number one complaint from people who sleep on memory foam and some conventional latex mattresses. The reason for this is because these foams are not open celled like Vitalay® and memory foam needs body heat to adapt to the shape of the body. In memory foam and conventional latex, the weight of the body causes the cells to become compressed, which further restricts the flow of air. With restrictions on the air flow, body heat is radiated back into the sleep environment. Vitalay® Latex is 20 times more breathable than memory foam and 4 - 7 times more breathable than standard latex.

      This extreme breathability is because the open cell structure does not close when compressed. The natural resistance of Vitalay® keeps your body supported on an open network of cells, allowing air to continue to flow through and creating an escape route for your body heat. This keeps your bedding environment at an optimum temperature all year round.



      Breathable support combined with soft comfort is the greatest advantage of Vitalay®. Not only does the material keep your body a consistent and comfortable temperature all year round, Vitalay® is also bacteria-resistant, hygienic and hypoallergenic.

      Moreover, Vitalay® is durable and maintains its quality for many years. Vitalay® is used around the world in the premium segment of the mattress industry. Sleep on Vitalay® and Sleep Well.


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