ADAPT - Mattress Details


ADAPT - versatile

ADAPTS's three internal premium foam layers can be rearranged, giving you control of comfort, support and temperature regulation.

Simply unzip the washable cover and swap the layers.
Warm or cool, soft, medium or firm - you are in control.


ADAPT - comfortable

By helping you find and maintain the correct position during rest and sleep Adapt frees your body from tension and stiffness. Pressure is relieved from sensitive areas such as shoulders and hips, while the soft surface helps to reduce muscle and joint discomfort. This allows you to relax more quickly and attain deep sleep more readily. 


ADAPT- supportive

Premium bio-foams made from renewable resources and computer-cut zoning of the base layer offer outstanding anatomical support. Base layer profiling in shoulder, lumbar and hip regions provides long lasting support to the body.


ADAPT - thermo-regulating

ADAPT is thermo-regulating like no other foam mattress.
No glue has been used to bond the layers allowing air movement between the layers.
The layers have been carefully selected to dissipate excess heat and moisture allowing the body to achieve a higher quality of sleep, especially stages 4 and 5 where the regeneration of the cells in the brain and body takes place.


ADAPT Layers

ADAPT Gel 4.5cm
  • provides gentle bounce-back and unique degree of pressure relief, especially in the high load areas such as shoulders and hips
  • gently supports spine helping those with back discomfort to fall asleep more quickly and remain in the deeper stages of sleep for longer
  • extremely breathable - helps to regulate body temperature by quickly absorbing excess body heat and dissipating it through its open-cell structure
  • made in Europe using WaterLily™ technology - better for the environment, better for you.
ADAPT Natur Memory 4.5cm
  • exceptional body conformity and comfort
  • natural, breathable and odour free
  • medium density memory foam made in Germany from Sunflower oils and water
ADAPT Base Layer 10cm
  • High Resilience (HR) foam made in Germany from Sunflower oils and water
  • breathable, natural and durable, provides firmer underlying support
  • 7 body zones with channels further reduce pressure points and assist with air transfer keeping the mattress fresh and dry


  • Sleep Dry® fabric with cotton and viscose designed to transport body moisture away to leave you dry and allow a deeper restorative sleep
  • Quilted with 2cm of Soft Care comfort foam derived from Sunflower oil and water has high breathability open-cell structure
  • AIR® aeration system around the edges of the mattress allows rapid air exchange to keep mattress at an even temperature all year around. This maintains a fresh and dry sleep environment, essential for deep refreshing sleep
  • Practical zip on the four sides of the cover makes it fully removable and the two parts washable separately eliminating the need for dry-cleaning

    Core height 19 cm.

    Total mattress height with cover approximately 23cm.

    All ADAPT components are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified for your health



    • Queen $4150
    • King $4450
    • Super King $4750

    Prices are for mattress on their own. Purchase as part of the ADAPT System and save.


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