Embrace Comfort Layer

Radium Foam, manufacturers of Vitalay®, have applied all their knowledge and expertise to create Vitalay® Embrace - a Talalay latex comfort layer.

Feels like memory foam and boasts unsurpassed features in terms of ventilation and durability in combination with perfect support.

Embrace was developed for people who like the feel of memory foam, but without the heat and smell of synthetic foams.

Unlike other memory foam mattresses, Embrace ensures you don’t sink into a hollow or indentation in the mattress. This makes it easier for you to turn over which is necessary to remain in a deep REM sleep, thus ensuring you will wake up the next morning feeling well-rested.

The fact that you will not end up sleeping in a hollow in the mattress also means that pressure will not build up from lying in the same position too long.

Embrace gently cradles you whilst still being soft to the touch, unlike other memory foam mattresses.

Embrace is also highly breathable giving you a more regulated temperature throughout the night.

Embrace is found exclusively on the Paradise mattress.