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X-Point Base - possibly the world's most versatile and adaptable support system

X-Point base consists of Multi Point three-dimensional elements (grey squares) which are positioned throughout the frame to support the physiological characteristics of the vertebral spine.

Each square element acts as a spring and pivots in all directions. This reduces point pressure, and increases comfort especially when lying on side in the hip and shoulder zones, but gives increased support when lying on the back.

The spring effect also helps aid postural changes through the night, yet dampens excess movement, allowing a deep sleep to be less disturbed.

This hybrid technology, working in perfect synergy with the HARMONY mattress range allows muscles to relax completely, reducing the need for excess postural changes, and ensuring a comfortable rest and sleep.

Adjustable height lumbar and lordosis zone supports with three different levels and variable firmness control (using tensioning sliders) - allows personalising for a perfect anatomical adaptation. The height and firmness control is useful post-pregnancy or surgery, or for those with back conditions that require additional support.

Available in standard non-motorised version that stays flat, and two motorised options featuring two or four German-made motors. The four motor option allows independent control of the head, back, legs and feet. Ideal for those who love to watch movies, read and use their devices in bed, as well as aide those who are convalescing.

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[1] Laminated Beech wood frame. Italian styling and craftsmanship that is contemporary and timeless. New patented corner joint that delivers strength and elegance. Anatomical base in 60x30mm FSC® certified sustainable timber.

[2] Multi Point technology. Based on a combination of single elements and a three-dimensional spring system that responds independently to the body’s different pressure points.

[3] Customised comfort. X-Point sliders/tensioners provide two types of regulation: sliding them in or out to increase or decrease firmness in the lumbar spine area and a further adjustment by flipping a switch (+/-) to boost the slats' rigidity.

[4] Lumbar spine area. Total customisation for the lordosis spine area with three height adjustments to provide support and filling the natural gap of the lumbar curve.

[5] New Dorsal slats. Slats in sustainable FSC® 7-layer beech featuring great strength and protection from humidity.

[6] 3D elements
Made of Hytrel®, a material with an indestructible elastic memory, that guarantees greater flexibility and longer duration than standard rubber suspension systems.

Optional 2 motor and 4 motor X-Point available. POA

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