VITALAY® Pillow - 100% Talalay Latex Details

The secret of Vitalay® latex lies in the exclusive complex process known as Talalay which produces the most open cell structure of any foam on the market. The result is a very open homogeneous round cell structure that gives the pillow unbeatable elasticity and perfect breathability.

Vitalay® pillows are individually computer cut, not mass-molded. This means that they do not have a skin that is found on traditionally manufactured latex pillows. While this increases the complexity of the manufacturing, it retains the open cell structure of the Talalay process and benefits the sleeper by providing a cooler and dryer pillow environment. 

VITALAY® pillows have antibacterial qualities and naturally inhibit mould and Dust Mites. These characteristics are tested and verified by laboratory tests performed by the ERLANGEN DERMATOLOGISCHE UNIVERSITÄTSKLINIK, Germany.

  • Non-toxic - no off-gassing for a safe sleep
  • Hypoallergenic and odour free
  • Long term resilience - non-deforming, long lasting, anti-dustmite, antibacterial and non-allergenic.
  • Open-cell Vitalay® latex structure is the most uniform, breathable and resilient of all the pillow foams ensuring outstanding temperature regulation while sleeping all year round
  • Anti-Dust Mites, mould, bacteria and other allergens - provides you with a naturally hygienic and healthy sleep environment.
  • Complete with 100% cotton jersey inner cover and natural, washable and breathable viscose outer cover with zip.
  • Vitalay® process allows entire pillow to be hand washed in warm water.
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