Mousse Pillow - Traditional Shape Natural Soft Conforming

    Mousse pillows are soft, open-celled and very breathable, yet remain supportive throughout the night.

    Made from natural plant oils and water, Mousse feels like memory foam - but without the heat and smell

    • Mousse foam is visco-elastic and adapts quickly to pressure to provide good support and alleviate pressure points
    • Mousse recovers more quickly than other memory-foams to assist with easier postural changes through the night
    • The very breathable open-cell structure allows the head to remain fresh, dry and a pleasant temperature all year round


    You will love how the pillow doesn't need warmth to make it soft, ...and keeps its support throughout the night.


    A Better Pillow - Naturally

    Mousse pillows are made from natural plant oils and offer many benefits over traditional memory foams that are made from petroleum products:

    • Non-toxic - no chemical off-gassing for a safe sleep
    • Hypoallergenic and odour free
    • Soft and open-celled visco-elastic foam derived from natural plant oils and water
    • Low thermo-sensitivity - Mousse pillows do not harden in the cold or lose support when warm, providing a more consistent support through the night
    • Faster recovery than other memory-foams to prevent that quicksand feel and assist with postural changes
    • Breathes exceptionally well and does not trap heat, providing a consistently comfortable and dry environment, night after night, all year around

    • Mousse premium foam made in Europe
    • Computer-cut, shaped and finished in Italy by Dorsal
    • Available in two styles - traditional shape and contoured
    • High, Medium and Low profiles
    • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified for your health


    Traditional Shape Pillow

    High profile 70cm x 40cm x 13cm
    Med profile 70cm x 40cm x 10cm
    Low profile 70cm x 40cm x 8cm

      $195 per pillow - Includes viscose pillow cover

      • Prices may be subject to minor change and will be confirmed upon enquiry
      • Price is for Mousse Pillow on its own. Also available as part of the RESPIRA-X bedding system.


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