Premium 450gsm Alpaca Duvet

Our 450gsm Alpaca duvets are made in Auckland and quilted in a plain white 100% cotton cover.

Being lighter than wool for the same warmth, they are ideal for those who are sensitive to weight on their body.

  • Highest quality 100% alpaca fibre
  • Sustainable, hypoallergenic, odour and mildew resistant
  • Lighter than wool

Alpaca fibres are extremely smooth, allowing the duvet's fill to be as soft as cashmere, and 25% warmer than sheep wool for the same weight.

Alpaca fibres have one of the highest moisture-wicking properties of all-natural fibres. The fibres in your duvet first absorb the body moisture, then transport this moisture to the outside of the duvet - keeping sweat away from the body. This allows you to be dry and evenly warm throughout the night, summer and winter.




The Benefits of Using Alpaca for Bedding Products

The fibres of Alpaca wool are extremely smooth, and the softness often is compared to that of cashmere. Used for bedding, this creates a luxuriously comfortable duvet with exceptional drape and is free from any prickling.

Alpaca fibre is proven to be 25% warmer than sheep wool for the same weight. The warmth is created by the tiny hollow areas within the centre of individual fibres that trap the warm air created through body heat and help keep you warm in those cold winter nights.

The hollow structure of its fibres makes Alpaca also the lightest of all animal fibres, creating a bedding product that is extremely light and comfortable to sleep under.

Breathability and Moisture Absorbency

Alpaca fibre has exceptional moisture-wicking abilities. The fibre first absorbs the body moisture and carries it away from the sleep environment inside the hollow fibre. This keeps sweat from forming on the skin and then slowly releases the moisture to the outside of the duvet, allowing for you to be dry and evenly warm throughout the whole night, all year round. The wicking also keeps your duvet odour and mildew free, creating a healthier sleep environment.

Alpaca lack the natural body oils produced by most animals. This makes Alpaca products naturally non-allergenic.

Alpaca fibres are long and strong, which allows us to produce a duvet that will help you to sleep well for a very long time.

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Premium 450gsm Alpaca Duvet


  • Single $465
  • King Single $490
  • Queen $540
  • King $575
  • Super King $595
  • Californian King $620


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