Premium All-Seasons Wool Duvet

Made in Auckland, these premium wool duvets consist of two separate duvet inners (200gsm and 300gsm) that can be tied together to create a warm and cosy winter weight duvet inner.

This flexibility makes our duvet the optimal all year round solution.

Our duvet inners are all made from certified 100% New Zealand wool and are encased in an off-white 100% cotton cover. They are soft and very breathable.

For a wool duvet on its own, we suggest the Premium Wool duvet available in either 300gsm or 500gsm.

For Alpaca fibre, we suggest looking at our exceptional Alpaca Duvets.


Each duvet comes with a 5 year guarantee of unconditional fine workmanship and quality.


Wool in Bedding

A sheep's fleece insulates and protects it in the cold, but also provides comfort and the ability to "breath" in warmer weather. As a bedding material, it offers you the same advantage.

Wool's suitability as a bedding material has a simple scientific explanation. Wool allows water molecules - those in the atmosphere and those by your body - to move more freely. If you are hot, the wool fibres help regulate your body temperature while you sleep - creating your very own microclimate. When you are cold, the same principle ensures the microclimate is exactly what your body requires.

This makes for the ultimate night's sleep - imagine no longer waking up cold in the night and searching for an extra layer, or overheating in summer.

Key Benefits of Wool

Warmth and Cooling

  • Exceptional insulation through millions of tiny air pockets that trap air
  • Wool fibre allows the body to breathe freely and will adapt to suit its environment and user, allowing your body to naturally cool and warm through its sleep cycle

Deep Sleep

  • Wool has been proven to lower the heart rate for a more rested condition
  • Wool maintains ideal moisture levels, even for differing body temperatures


  • Wool is made from keratin and is naturally fire resistant
  • Wool reduces the conditions required for the life cycle of dust mites

Environmentally Friendly

  • Wool is an annually renewable fibre and therefore is a resource that is naturally replenished
  • Pure wool is bio-degradable, making it an asset to the world


  • The unique resilience of wool ensures that it can withstand wear and tear over a long period
  • Wool has a natural spring-like character, which helps keep your duvet lofty and fluffy

  • Single $315
  • King Single $340
  • Queen $370
  • King $395
  • Super King $425
  • Californian King $440


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