BodyCare✚ Vitalay® Latex with Firm Natur Memory Details

Introducing a new standard in luxurious sleeping

BodyCare✚ with firm Natur Memory is a premium Talalay latex mattress crafted to give enhanced postural support while still providing the pressure relief and comfort Vitalay® latex is renowned for. 

BodyCare✚ has two 7cm layers of Vitalay® latex and features a 4.5cm layer of  firm Natur Memory (gold layer) inserted through the entire centre of the core.

Natur Memory is a hign-density memory foam made from sunflower oil and water.

  • Breathable, odourless and non-toxic
  • Gently conforms to body's contours
  • Pressure relief to the hip and shoulder areas
  • Increased support for the spine

Adaptable - 3 levels of comfort in 1 mattress

The three internal layers are not glued and can be rearranged to increase or decrease the firmness, feel and degree of support.

With the Natur Memory layer in the middle, the mattress feels firm and gently conforms to the body's contours.

By unzipping the cover and moving the Natur Comfort layer to the top, the mattress has less bounce and a softer memory foam feel.

Placing Natur Memory layer at the bottom gives the mattress the firmest feel with subtle memory foam conformity.


Medium/Firm to Firm feel

Suits those who prefer a higher degree of support but without loosing the pressure relief of Vitalay® latex or Natur Memory.


Features and Benefits

  • Two 7cm layers Vitalay® latex using the exclusive 9 step Talalay process
  • 4.5cm layer of Natur Memory derived from Sunflower oils has firm memory foam feel but without the heat and smell
  • The gentle cushioning and release of the Vitalay® latex combined with Natur Memory helps ease body tension and stiffness, while allowing postural changes without disturbing deep sleep
  • Vitalay® latex adjusts immediately and naturally to the body's profile instantly eliminating pressure points with its superior point-elasticity
  • Natur Memory layer gently embraces and conforms to your body and dampens excess body motion
  • Open-cell Vitalay® latex structure is the most breathable and resilient of all the mattress foams ensuring total breathability and body temperature regulation all year round and a long service life for outstanding value
  • Anti-Dust Mites, naturally resistant to mould, bacteria and other allergens providing you with a naturally hygienic and healthy sleep environment.
  • Sleep Dry® cover quilted with 2cm of SoftCare natural comfort foam derived from Sunflower oil and water. The unique composition of the cover transports body moisture away to leave you dry and allow a deeper restorative sleep.
  • Sleep Dry® fabric made in Germany
  • Vitalay® latex made in Netherlands
  • Natur Memory made in Germany
  • Mattress designed and handcrafted in Italy by Dorsal
  • All components Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified for your health
  • Minimal partner disturbance


Core Support

BodyCare✚ with Natur Memory features seven differentiated comfort zones on the surface to provide the correct level of support to all areas of the body.

Combined with computer cut profiling in the shoulder zone BodyCare✚ with firm Natur Memory provides immediate relief and reduced pressure on the shoulders and neck. Ideal for all sleep positions, it is especially suited to back and side-sleepers.

BodyCare✚ with Natur Memory is noticeably firmer than with BodyCare✚ with mousse to provide enhanced uplifting support to the spine throughout the night.

  • Vitalay® core for outstanding support, point elasticity and breathability
  • Vitalay® is naturally springy to assist postural changes and ensure body is not trapped in a hole in the mattress. Less energy is exerted and back strain avoided when turning over leaving you more refreshed
  • Natur Memory layer though entire centre for pressure relief and body conformity
  • Natur Memory layer gently embraces your body and dampens excess body motion.


Natur Memory is different to traditional memory foams made from petroleum products:

  • Firm feel open-celled visco-elastic foam derived from Sunflower oil and water
  • Thermo-sensitive, Natur Comfort uses heat and pressure to soften it, providing continued support to the lumbar zone.
  • Odour free, no chemical off-gassing for a safe sleep
  • Breathes well, providing a consistently comfortable and dry environment, night after night, all year around
  • Natur Memory foam is made in Germany
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified for your health


Sleep Dry® Cover

    • Sleep Dry® cover fabric provides a pleasantly dry and clean sleeping environment while protecting the mattress core
    • Oeko-Tex standard 100 compliant safe for you and your family
    • Quilted cover with 2cm of SoftCare natural comfort foam derived from Sunflower oil and water
    • Reduces pressure points, favours correct blood circulation and has high breathability as open-cell structure
    • AIR® aeration system along the edges of the mattress allows rapid air exchange to keep mattress fresh and dry and an even temperature all year around
    • Practical zip around the four sides of the cover makes it fully removable and the two parts washable separately eliminating the need for dry-cleaning

      Sleep Dry® fabric with SoftCare natural foam quilting brings additional softness and pressure relief while allowing the bedding environment to breathe.

      • High stretch knitted structure
      • Hydrophilic cotton, upper layer - absorbs moisture and quickly transports it away so that sleep surface always feels dry
      • Hydrophobic lower layer prevents moisture penetrating into the mattress interior
      • Highly breathable at all times


      BodyCare✚ with firm Natur Memory

      Internal core height 19 cm

      Total mattress height with cover approximately 23cm

      • Queen $4950
      • King $5350
      • Super King $5750

      Prices are for mattress on its own own. Purchase as part of the Harmony System and save.

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